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APUC Committed Funding Requests Totaling $440,194
Post Date: May 23 2016

By ND Commerce
The North Dakota Agricultural Products Utilization Commission (APUC) awarded funding requests for nine projects totaling $440,194 at its quarterly meeting May 18-19th in Harvey.

APUC is a program of the North Dakota Department of Commerce that administers grant programs for researching and developing new and expanded uses for North Dakota agricultural products. The grants can be used for basic and applied research, marketing and utilization, farm diversification, nature-based agritourism, prototype and technology and technical assistance. 

The following requests were awarded:  
  • Lana Maychrzak (Sentinel Butte) was awarded $29,925 to expand the Van Daele Guest Ranch by updating guest lodges, a shower house and renovation of existing common area. Contact Lana Maychrzak at (701) 872-2060. 
  • Dakota Carriage Company (Davenport) was awarded $26,250 to add a new facility designed to expand agricultural education and space for food options. Contact Sari Kraft at (701) 347-4069. 
  • Travis Schweitzer (Moffit) was awarded $26,250 to build an on-farm, state inspected slaughter and processing plant capable of processing roughly 12 head per week with a focus on beef, bison, pork and lamb. Contact Travis Schweitzer at (701) 220-1508. 
  • John Schneider (Fargo) was awarded $10,894 to support 3DomFuel’s development of a new line of natural long fiber (i.e. flax and hemp) FDM filament. Contact John Schneider at (320) 287-0840. 
  • Harvest Profit (Fargo) was awarded $13,125 for additional software development and market assessment in support of a suite of software tools which allow farmers to track field-by-field profitability, expenses, plans and analysis. Contact Nick Horob at (701) 361-7070. 
  • Richland IFC (Dwight) was awarded $78,000 to work with the Northern Crops Institute to research how corn flours and grits are made and applied to final food products. Contact Dominique Schuler at (701) 403-5230. 
  • Anchor Ingredients (Fargo) was awarded $90,500 to expand the market for organic and conventional commodities of North Dakota grown and processed grains. They plan to participate in trade shows to connect with potential customers and create brand recognition. Contact Seth Novak at (701) 499-1480. 
  • Dick Wagoner (Hannaford) was awarded $47,250 to develop brand identity and promotional material for marketing, product development and advertising of Miller Ultimate Feeds. Contact Dick Wagoner at (701) 769-2154. 
  • Minn-Dak Farmers Cooperative (Wahpeton) was awarded $118,000 to support the marketing and utilization of a new soil amendment product created during the processing of sugar beets for crop farmers. Contact Nancy Wulfekuhle at (701) 671-1322.
 APUC is an office within Economic Development and Finance, a division of the North Dakota Department of Commerce. 

For additional program information please visit North Dakota APUC at www.NDAPUC.com or find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/NDAPUC
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