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Bismarck Named One of the Best Cities for Global Trade
Post Date: Oct 18 2017

When people think Bismarck, a global trade powerhouse probably isn’t one of the first things that comes to mind. Until now.

According to Global Trade Magazine, Bismarck ranks among some of the biggest cities in America for exports.

“We have not only oil and gas, we’re a leader in ag a technology, and here in Bismarck we have nafta its recognizing the exporting that we have” said Lt. Gov. Brent Sanford.

The Department of Commerce says, last year North Dakota accounted for over a billion dollars in oil and gas exports, $683 million in machinery, $477 million in agriculture, and $294 million in chemicals.

The Department of Commerce calculates exports from North Dakota from free trade market agreements grew 309 percent in the last decade alone.

Most of those exports, are heading straight up north.

“Can’t say enough about the strategic importance of our neighbors to the north, Canada” said Sanford.

Cathryn Binstock, of Eureka Manufacturing says, the success belongs to the people.

“The work force, there’s people that want to work, every business needs good workers to be successful,” said Binstock.

Agricultural Commissioner Doug Goehring says we’re actually doing much better than the numbers show.

"The numbers that were shown are correct in track sales, but there's probably 70 percent that’s not actually tracked because of the way that its market," said Goehring.

He says, tweaking that could make a huge difference.

“If we could get commodity markets to respond, to come up, you would see greater economic growth on main street and in the state of north Dakota,” said Goehring.

All those exports translates to more than 34,000 jobs in the state.

Bismarck Named One of the Best Cities for Global Trade - KFYR TV
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