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Dakota Spirit AgEnergy Refinery a Unique Project for North Dakota
Post Date: Aug 06 2015

By KXNews
A new ethanol refinery recently opened near Jamestown. It's the first ethanol facility built in North Dakota in about 8 years. In a state known for it's production of oil and gas.A new refinery is making fuel using something different...corn.

"This leads to a lower carbon intensity so more environmentally friendly fuel." says Jeff Zueger, Dakota Spirit AgEnergy.

The Dakota spirit AgEnergy Ethanol Refinery in Jamestown recently began production. The 150 million dollar facility turns corn, into something more valuable. "We take # 2 yellow corn and we convert it into ethanol, and we also convert it into distillers grains, and we also produce corn oil.  So in that process, essentially we produce renewable fuel." he says. The refinery has the capacity to produce 65 million gallons of ethanol every year using a locally grown crop. "That is the unique part of this project is that you're able to take something that is grown locally and it's renewable.  And every year we can grow a new crop to feed this process."

Jamestown Mayor Katie Andersen says it's a project that combines the industries of energy and agriculture.
"It's the producers in this area that have an opportunity to sell their product into this market.  So it's great for our agriculture Still the largest part of our economy in this area is agriculture and so it's a great boost for our local economy." she says

She says the refinery also meets recent carbon reduction goals by using leftover steam heat from a nearby power station. Something that's done at only one other ethanol refinery in the state.

I just think that these facilities are a pretty unique opportunity... they create strong economic impacts, they also produce a renewable fuel so we can grow the feed stock to this process over and over each year as opposed to depleting a finite resource." says Zueger. All by using locally grown, North Dakota corn.

The facility employs 38 people. But Zueger says it can also impact about 2000 other jobs in the area.

Dakota Spirit AgEnergy Refinery a Unique Project for North Dakota - KXNews.com
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