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Eye on Energy: ND's Roll in International Politics
Post Date: Feb 24 2015

By KXNews

Tioga sits in the heart of the Bakken formation - the source of the state's meteoric rise in oil production over the past several years.

It also sits in the middle of an international political and economic power play.

North Dakota's success in becoming the second-leading oil producing state has meant an increase in the world's oil supply.

And last year, Saudi Arabia, the number two oil producing nation in the world - behind Russia - decided not to cut back its production in response to the growing supply.

That decision sent oil prices tumbling downward as the Saudis hoped their ability to produce oil cheaply would force other oil producing regions to cut back on their exploration.

And it placed North Dakota squarely in the center of the ongoing drama.

(Kathleen Neset, Neset Consulting) "We are part of it. Either a participant - actively participating, or collaterally a participant in this. I think it's just exciting to think that Tioga, North Dakota, Minot, North Dakota, these towns are actually on the map and absolutely a vital part of what's going on in this global economy." 

Neset's company has been based in Tioga since 1980 and provides geology and engineering services to oil companies.

Eye on Energy: ND's Roll in International Politics - KXNet.com

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