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Forbes Profiles North Dakota Tourism's Legendary Impact on the State's Image
Post Date: Apr 01 2015

By ND Commerce Tourism Division
Forbes recently profiled research done by Longwoods International examining the impact North Dakota Tourism’s “Legendary” marketing campaign has had on the state’s economic development image. Research results showed that while the campaign has been successful recruiting travelers to North Dakota, its “halo effect” was also successful in improving the overall perceived image of the state, which can improve opportunities for economic development.

“While our primary goal has always been to bring nonresident travelers to North Dakota, we have also served as the state’s primary marketing agency sharing positive news and opportunities with people who may not otherwise know much about North Dakota,” said Sara Otte Coleman, director of the tourism division for the North Dakota Department of Commerce.

For those targeted by North Dakota Tourism’s marketing campaign, which mainly includes residents of Minnesota, South Dakota, Montana, Wisconsin, Manitoba and Saskatchewan, research proved their more positive views on multiple aspects of the state, such as:

         A place to live? Yes, up 41%.

         A place to start a career? Yes, up 100%.

         A place to start a business? Yes, up 75%.

         A place to attend college? Yes, up 87%.

         A place to purchase a second home? Yes, up 113%

         A place to retire? Yes, up 75%.

This same research was repeated with similar results in North Carolina, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin.

Tourism economics also did a similar study with Destination Marketing Association International, which documents the positive effects that destination marketing has on a region’s larger economy. Find more on this report at: http://www.destinationmarketing.org/topics/economic-engine.

This unintended yet powerful impact means that public funding spent on tourism marketing is a multi-beneficial investment with the potential to bring additional private funds back to the state. In fact, while North Dakota Tourism’s budget ranks 39th out of 44 reporting U.S. states, its return on investment has been exceptional at over $100 in visitor spending for every $1 spent on advertising. In total, visitors spent $3.6 billion in North Dakota in 2013.

That same year, North Dakota hosted 24 million visitors, which was an increase of 22% over 2011. Visitors to North Dakota have steadily increased throughout its ND Legendary marketing campaign, which began in 2002.

Tourism is the state’s third-largest industry, which includes hospitality, attractions, and events, shopping and dining. The industry is the fifth-largest employer and contributes the equivalent of $1,011 per household to the state economy.

To read the full article from Forbes, click here. 

For more information about North Dakota Tourism, visit: www.ndtourism.com or call 701-328-2525 or 800-435-5663.

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