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U.S. Census Bureau Estimates 18,000 Individuals Migrated to North Dakota in 2013
Post Date: Jan 23 2014

The U.S. Census Bureau today released estimates that show approximately 18,000 people migrated into the state in 2013. This compares to an estimated net migration into the state of 12,200 in 2012 and 6,900 in 2011.
“These figures reaffirm that a majority of the growth in 2013 came from in-migration,” Kevin Iverson, manager of the Census Office at the North Dakota Department of Commerce said. “The change is most dramatic when compared to data ten years ago. Between 2000 and 2003 North Dakota had lost approximately 8,400 residences. We were last of the 50 states in terms of growth a decade ago. After those years of out-migration, it’s great to see that our economic growth is drawing individuals to the state.”
The U.S. Census Bureau’s information takes into consideration components of population change such as births, deaths and migration. North Dakota had 10,028 births and 5,754 deaths last year.
Census data released last month showed North Dakota’s population reached an estimated all-time high of 723,393 residents, an increase of 22,048 from last year’s count. Last year, North Dakota’s estimated 2012 population of 699,629 residents exceeded the state's record Census count set in 1930.
North Dakota’s population has also been getting younger. Census data shows that the median age of North Dakota residents continued to climb between 2000 and 2008, reaching about 37.3 years of age. Since 2008, the median age of North Dakota residents has declined to 36.1 years of age.
The full report is available at: http://www.census.gov/ 
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